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Aircraft fasteners cowling kits racing and 1/4 turn studs Made in USA

This website offers general information and easy access to our products. If you need detailed technical expertise, please contact our design team with specific requests.

Aircraft Specific Trim Screw Kits
Aircraft Specific Trim Screw Kits

Truly on of the best owner maintenance investments you can make! Your aircraft will look 100% better when you install brand new, shiny stainless hardware on the exterior. Plus, it will speed your next annual and A&P's prefer to work with stainless in the inspection plates and fairings. These fasteners will not rust and are maintenance free.

Please note, these kits do not include structural screws such as those used in fuel tanks and do not include cowling fasteners. We have separate kits for those items which can be found in our main products section. If you have any qustions or need additonal information, please Contact Us.


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